AzLA Lists

AzLA uses Google Groups to communicate across the Association. All Groups are moderated to help minimize spam. We have listed all of AzLA’s Google Groups here for your convenience. You do not need to have a Gmail account to sign up for a Google Group, but you do need to have a Google account. Create a Google Account to get started. If you prefer not to create an account you may still view content from these lists under the View / Join link for each Group. Please contact us if you have any questions.

GroupAddressView / Join
All Membersall.members@azla.org
ALYAS Special Interest
AzLA Arizona School
AzLA Board Membersboard@azla.org
AzLA Bylaws Committeebylaws.committee@azla.org
AzLA Conference Committeeconference.committee@azla.org
AzLA Equity, Diversity, & Inclusionequity.diversity.inclusion@azla.org
AzLA eResources Special Interest
AzLA Executive Committeeexecutive@azla.org
AzLA Internsinterns@azla.org
AzLA Service Awards Committeeservice.awards.committee@azla.org
AzLA Leadershipleadership@azla.org
AzLA Membership, Marketing, & Outreach Committeemmo.committee@azla.org
AzLA Newsletter Committeenewsletter.committee@azla.org
AzLA Public Library Divisionpublic.library.division@azla.org
AzLA Special Libraries Divisionspecial.library.division@alzla.org
AzLA Teacher Librarian Divisionteacher.librarian.division@azla.org
AzLA College & University Libraries