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Professional Development Funding

We encourage you to organize professional development activities to benefit library workers in Arizona! Funding of up to $3000 per event is available to all AzLA members. 

The Professional Development Committee manages a $6,000 fund for fiscal year 2016-2017 (ending June 30, 2017). The intent is to supplement costs for events, but not cover costs entirely. Registration fees for events can be used to cover additional costs (such as food or honorarium). View a list of activities successfully funded by the committee.

Submitting a Funding Request

We encourage interest groups and divisions especially to submit requests, but any member of AzLA is eligible. Submit a request online, then contact Becky Brendel so the committee can promptly review it. The committee is happy to meet with you to discuss your proposal.

Covered Expenses

You can request up to $3000 per event, including:

Speaker expenses

  • Hotel up to two nights
  • Travel, including airfare and ground transportation

  • Speaker fees/honorarium

  • Per diem ($46/day)

 Facility expenses

  • Accommodations (conference room charges, for instance)

Evaluating Requests

The Professional Development Committee will evaluate requests based primarily on:



  • How many AzLA members will benefit?

  • Will the event promote AzLA membership?


Cost effectiveness

  • Is the hotel reasonable (less than $150/night)?

  • Are the accommodations reasonable (less than $500)?

  • Is the event free or cheap to AzLA members?
  • Honorarium no more than $500?
  • What ends up being the cost per participant to put on the event (cost of program divided by number of participants less than $50)?



  • How timely or relevant is the topic?
  • What are the qualifications of the speaker?

The Committee uses this example matrix to rank requests low, medium, and high. Requests scoring “high” will receive full funding. Requests scoring “medium” will receive partial funding. Requests scoring “low” will be denied funding.

Cost Effectiveness
Overall Score
 #1 High  Medium High High 
 #2 High  Medium Medium Medium 
 #3 Low  Low Medium Low


Notifying Recipients

We will notify you within 4 weeks whether your request is approved, partially approved, or denied.

If approved or partially approved, you will be referred to the AzLA Office ( for coordination of funding and reimbursements. We will send you an Expense Reimbursement form over email. You can then share this with the speaker, since they will need to fill this out to be reimbursed by AzLA.

Expectations of Recipients

If you receive funding, we will ask you to complete a survey to let us know the number of attendees, if it was successful, and any comments. We will also ask you to write an article for the AzLA newsletter about the event.

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