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Mentorship Program

The Arizona Library Association offers a program to provide professional mentoring to students, new professionals, and practicing librarians anticipating and/or entering a new phase in their career. As a mentee, you will be partnered with an experienced person according to your needs and areas of interest.

What do you get out of participating?

  • A contact person within the profession — in your area of interest — to act as a guide and mentor
  • An avenue for asking questions on interviewing techniques, job seeking…
  • Career guidance
  • Suggestions on professional development activities
  • Increased networking opportunities

What does your mentor get out of participating?

  • The possibility to help guide the future of the profession
  • A chance to share his/her knowledge and experiences
  • An opportunity to catch sight of new perspectives and ideas
  • A new friend!

What are AzLA mentoring partnerships like?

Mentors and mentees will meet - or otherwise contact each other - several times in the first few months of the partnership. For "distance" pairings, contact will often be via e-mail, mail, or phone only. For distance pairings, face-to-face contact may only occur at AzLA events such as the Regional  Forum and Annual Conference.

Types of Mentoring Pairings:

Traditional Mentoring is a partnership where a professional with 5 or more years' experience in the field is paired with a para professional or paraprofessional who is less experienced or looking to develop their skills and abilities with guidance from a mentor. Each mentoring partnership is unique. You and your mentor will work together to identify the goals and objectives of your partnership, and the amount of time you can invest. Your interactions can be as flexible as needed - but will, hopefully, be informative and fun for both partners!

Peer Mentoring is a partnership where both parties have similar levels of experience but are matched because they have complimentary goals and skill sets. Peer mentoring partnerships have been shown to increase motivation, support and resourcefulness for professionals.

Please indicate which type of partnerships) in which you have interest.

There is no binding commitment - on either part. If, for any reason, it is no longer desirable to continue the partnership either partner may elect to end the relationship.

What is the timeline?

February 16th (deadline extended!): Applications due for both Mentors and Mentees.

February 26th: Matches are announced and pairs can begin their partnerships.

March 19th: Mentoring agreement forms are due, solidifying your partnerships.

April – November: Check your email for monthly updates, news items, best practices and occasional training opportunities do to with your mentor or mentee!

November: Mentors and Mentees will have a chance to meet in person (if they have not already) at the AzLA annual conference.

While the official mentoring partnership is concluded at the annual conference, mentoring pairs are welcome to continue their partnership informally.

Who is eligible?

Any member of AzLA may request to be a mentor or a mentee. You don’t even have to be currently working in a library! If you have a desire to further your career in libraries, or are still a member of AzLA after retiring from libraries, you would make an excellent addition to the mentoring program.

Generally, a mentor would be anyone with 5 or more years of library experience in any area(s). Anyone can be a mentee if they have a desire to learn, grow and receive guidance from another member of the profession.

How do I begin?

Fill out the form offering yourself as a mentor or a mentee.  You will be matched with another professional that closely matches your skills, interests and goals.

Access the Mentee Application Form
Access the Mentor Application Form
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